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Since the time immemorial when the human being was wandering in search of food and shelter, animals were the primary source of food. When human being started to lead the settled life, agriculture became their primary source of food. During the long course of time, the human activities like hunting, farming, lumber activities, industrialization, hydel projects and many other activities in pursuit of better and better life caused the ecological imbalance of nature. This aroused the attention of all the national governments and international organization like United Nations to conserve the wildlife of all the nations. In India, the Wildlife Act and Forest Act were passed to ensure the preservation of wildlife and to generate the common environmental consciousness among the people of India. Today, India is one of the prestigious countries in the world where wildlife is both rich and varied. Out of the total land of India, more than 4% of land is under forest cover. The diversified geography of India made it home of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks spread across the country full of terrain, flora and fauna. There are about 482 wildlife sanctuaries and 90 national parks in India, which make India one of the 12-mega diversity areas in the world. At present, India is regarded as paradise of nature’s lovers where leopard, lion, Asiatic elephant, the Bengal tiger and Siberian crane and several hundreds of species are found across the Indian subcontinent’s wildlife sanctuaries.

Golden Triangle & Tiger Tour
Duration : 07 Nights/ 08 Days
Golden Triangle Tiger and Birds Tour
Duration :08 Nights/ 09 Days
In Search of Tiger

Duration :13 Nights/ 14 Days
Wildlife Of Gujarat

Duration :04 Nights/ 05 Days
Golden Triangle Tiger Tour with Udaipur
Duration :09 Nights / 10 Days
Central India Tiger Tour

Duration :10 Nights / 11 Days
The Tiger Trail

Duration : 11 Nights - 12 Days
Elephant Safari Tour

Duration :08 Nights / 09 Days
Sunderbans Jungle Camp

Duration :06 Nights / 07 Days
Golden Triangle Ganges & Tiger Tour

Duration :06 Nights / 07 Days
Wild Heritage & Karnataka Trail

Duration :12 Nights/ 13 Days
Special Rajasthan Tour