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Gohad Forts and Palaces

Gohad Fort

Gohad Fort is situated at Gohad city in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, India. The town is situated at a distance of 45 km from Gwalior.The site of Gohad fort was selected strategically on the Vaisli River where it takes a circular turn. The Gohad fort is in circular shape. It is protected by the rampart constructed around the fort in a length of 5 km. The river was dug and flow of river was extended up to the fort to take a semi circular shape. The fort has 7 gates named after the villages to which they face and the way they lead to. These are Itayli (in south), Barthara (in west), Gohadi (in northwest), Birkhari (in northeast), Kathwan (in east), Kharaua (in southeast) and Saraswati. Gohad fort has following important buildings inside the fort: ‘Navin Mahal’, constructed by Maharana Chhatra Singh, is the most attracting building used now as government offices. This has got Diwane Am, Diwane Khas and other offices needed at that time. The architectural peculiarity of this building was that the King could reach the top storey riding on horse through a gently sloped rounded ramp. Other buildings are Khas Mahal, Shish Mahal, Sat-Bhanwar, Deoghar, Khas Darbar, Am Darbar, Bhandar Grih and Rani Bagh. There are temples of Rama Janaki, Laxman, Radha Krirshna, Shiva and Markandeshwar. There are also ponds namely Ramsagar, Bhimsagar, Laxmantal etc. The fort was protected with four lines of defence. Constructing an outer rampart of 10-metre height surrounded with a trench created the first line of defence. Depositing the soil dug out from the trench inside the outer rampart created the second line of defence. Constructing a pucca trench with higher wall created the third line of defence. This wall 1 km in length, was safeguarded by Laxman Tal (pond) and deep Vaisli River. This wall had two gates namely ‘Hathai paur’ (east) and Sankal gate (west). Constructing a very high and the strongest wall half km long created the fourth line of defence. This was for the personal safety of the King and his places. Maharana Chhatra Singh inside this wall except ‘Navin Mahal’ constructed all the important buildings.

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