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Gwalior Forts and Palaces

Gwalior Fort

The fort of Gwalior,in Madhya Pradesh in India, within which a number of historic buildings are situated, stands on an isolated rock. The face is perpendicular and where the rock is naturally less precipitous it has been scarped. Its greatest length from north-east to south-west is 1.5 mile (2.4 km), and the greatest breadth 900 yd (820 m). The rock attains its maximum height of 342 ft (104 m). at the northern end. A rampart, accessible by a steep road, and farther up by huge steps cut out of the rock, surrounds the fort. The citadel stands at the north-eastern corner of the enclosure, and presents a very picturesque appearance with interesting tiles with symbolic images.An older Jain temple has been used as a mosque. Another temple in the fortress of Gwalior is called the Teli-ka-Mandir, or “Oilman’s Temple.” This building was originally dedicated to Vishnu, but afterwards converted to the worship of Siva. It has an unusual configuration: shrine-like in that it has a sanctuary only; no pillared pavilions or mandapa; and a Buddhist barrel-vaulted roof on top of a Hindu temple.

Jai Vilas Palace

Jai Vilas Palace was built in the year 1809,and Lt. Col. Sir Michael Filose had designed this palace. Jai Vilas Palace is located in the new city of Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh. Although the current maharaja still lives in a portion of the palace,a large part of it is now a museum. 35 of the rooms have been made into the Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum. The rest of the rooms reflect the splendour and glory,which comes alive in the Italianate structures. The imposing Durbar Hall has two central chandeliers, weighing a couple of tonnes, and hung only after ten elephants had tested the strength of the roof. Ceilings picked out in gilt, heavy draperies and tapestries, fine Persian carpets, and antique furniture from France and Italy are some of its features.

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