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Bangalore in Kannada and is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Located on the Mysore Plateau in south-western Karnataka'.Bangalore has an estimated metropolitan population of 6.1 million.making it India's third-largest city and fifth-largest metropolitan area.Though historical references to the city predate 900.a written history of continuous settlement exists only from 1537.when Kempe Gowda I, whom many regard as the architect of modern Bangalore.built a mud fort in the city and established it as a province of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Tourism Attractions:

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens:
It has a very good collection of tropical and sub tropical and medicinal plants. It was originally called Lalbagh because the garden had a profusion of red roses.

Vidhan Soudha:
it is a marvel of modern architecture. The Vidhan Soudha makes the major attraction in Bangalore.

Government Museum:
The museum exhibits antique jewellery, textiles, coins and miniature paintings. This is one of the oldest museums in the country.

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