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Photo Safari

Duration : 04 Nights / 05 Days

Whet your creative urge to satisfy your wildest imagination- view India through your lens, fascinating terrain for the landscapist, spectacular sunsets and glorious dawns, mysterious dense forests, changing patterns of sand dunes, ethereal snowcaps, glaciers and deep river gorges of the majestic Himalayas. Interest in architecture? Taj Mahal - poetry in stone, the golden glow of Jaisalmer fort, sensuousness of Khajuraho, serenity of temple interiors, glamour of palace decorations, daunting battlements of forts, intricate carving on sand stone, granite and marble, murals, frescoes and statues spanning centuries of culture. For the portraitist, a mosaic of smiling faces, brilliant costumes and sparkling jewelry, tracing the diversity of ethnic strains, crafts and cultural influences which constitute the heady Indian blend. For the naturalist, a wide variety of wild flowers, insects, birds and animals.Gay festivals, classical and folk dances, religious and social ceremonies, the life style of rural and tribal communities and the boisterous bustle of bazaars. The creativity of the craftsmen, the colors of silks, cottons, brocade, glass etc. Sprinkle it with the excitement of any of our adventure activities. Wanderlust photo safaris offer you an opportunity to capture the essence of India in a short span or you may spend a life time documenting in-depth the rich splendor of this wonderland. Highly accomplished photographers accompany and guide you in your choice of season, location and itinerary of your preference.

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