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Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals Tour

Numerous fairs and festivals of Rajasthan that dot the calendar in Rajasthan make it a happening place throughout the year. The people of Rajasthan celebrate every festival with tremendous amount of zeal and enthusiasm. In addition to the colorful festivals, there are also traditional fairs including camel fair, religious fairs in Rajasthan and fair that mark the changing season. These fairs of Rajasthan provide a perfect opportunity to take a glimpse of the local lifestyle and shop for handcrafted items in Rajasthan.

Major Fairs & Festivals of Rajasthan

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer :
Every year during the Desert Festival in Rajasthan, the barren land around Jaisalmer comes alive with the beats of traditional musical instruments, songs, colors and remarkable enthusiasm. The festival of Rajasthan displays the best of traditional Rajasthani folk culture that will leave you mesmerized. This usual fair in Rajasthan attractions include the breathtaking performances by the skilled jugglers and snake charmers. But the major attractions of the fair remain the camel acrobatics, camel races and décor, camel polo, tug of war and countless other such events.

Mewar Festival : Dedicate to the Goddess Gauri (Parvati), Mewar Festival in Rajasthan offers the best of Rajasthani culture. This festival in Rajasthan is celebrated to welcome the spring season with various rituals and fireworks. The grand climax is seen when group of women dressed in rainbow hues of scarlet, yellow, green and purple carry images to the Gangaur Ghat of lake Pichola and a stately boat procession starts from the Lake Palace.

Elephant Festival, Jaipur : Held every year around the colorful festival of Holi, Elephant Festival in Rajasthan unveils the majesty and grandeur of camels. The major attractions of the festival include a royal procession of sixty elephants in their best finery, a match of elephant polo, an elephant race and playing Holi on mammals. It will surely be a time to cherish for a long time to come.

Camel Fair, Bikaner The Camel Fair in Rajasthan is popular in Bikaner and is held in January. The "ship of the desert", the camel, is adorned with colorful saddles, anklets and necklaces. A procession is carried out displaying the camels, while the camel owners hold their heads up in pride. Contests and shows are a part of the celebrations. The crowds cheer as the tug-of-war contests, the camel races and the camel dancing competitions are held.

Teej Festival, Jaipur Held in Jaipur, the Teej Festival of Rajasthan commemorated the union of Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva. As the desert scorches with the hot summer sun, everyone waits impatiently for the advent of the monsoons. Teej marks the arrival of the long awaited rains and is the festival of swings. Swings are decorated with flowers and young girls sing merry songs. The Teej idol is adorned and worshipped.

Pushkar Fair, Pushkar The world famous Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan is a hit event among the tourists from across the world. The fair of Pushkar is held every year during the month of Kartik Purnima and countless devotees from all faiths gather to take a dip in the holy lake. Dance, music, gaily-attired folks and various cultural events enhance the fun of the occasion. Major attractions of the fair camel races, cattle auction and colorful shops displaying beautiful handicrafts.

Kite Festival, Jaipur : A festival of colour with a different naunce-as kites take to the sky all over rajasthan.in the evening,kites with lights in them add to the twinkling skies above.the main points of celebration are jaipur and jodhpur. the main kite flying day,Makar Sankranti,is on january 14.

Tilwara Fair,Tilwara : A 175-year-old fair dedicated to malinathji,one of the rulers of jasol village,it is held in a dry river bed and has come to signify trading in Marwari,Kathi and Sindhi horses. Certain mystical aspects that relate to the fair include the rise of approximately two feet of water for only the period of fair,and the trying of animals to posts in soil that is otherwise too soft for it.

Dussehra, Kota : Dussehra commemorates the killing of the 10-headed Ravana by Rama, hero of the indian epic,Ramayana.An effigy of Ravana is lit,stuffed with firecrackers,creating an exciting explosion.Dussehra also marks the beginning of the festive season with diwali,the festival of lights,only 20 days away.

Gangaur Fair, Jaipur : The celebration of monsoon,harvesting and martial fidelity in jaipur.Idols of Issar and Gangaur,manifestations of Shiva and Parvati,are worshipped by women,and particularly those unmarried who pray for a consort of the like of shiva.The festival is especially colorful in Jaipur,Udaipur and at mandawa in the shekhawati region.

Nagaur Fair and Desert Festival : Participate in two unusual celebrations,a cattle fair at Nagaur and a tourist fair in Jaisalmer.A trading fair for cattle and camels in January-February,it is a wonderful oppurnity to catch up on rural life as owners from all over the state come to camp on the outstricks of Nagaur while they buy and sell animals.The hides of the animals,cut into beautiful patterns,are particularly interesting.

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